Ethical Standards

Ethics, Conduct and Disciplinary Action for Art Therapists

Licensed Art Therapists in the state of Maryland follow the Maryland Department of Mental Health and Hygiene COMAR regulations.  All licensed and credentialed art therapists are expected to follow these guidelines for ethical practice of art therapy to the public. Credential holders are also held to the standards of the Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB) Code of Ethics and Conduct,

MATA members are also members of the American Art Therapy Association, and follow the  AATA's code of Ethical Principles for Art Therapists. 

 These documents are available to the public on each entities website. 

Unlawful Practice of Art Therapy

Due to state licensure of Art Therapy in Maryland, it is unlawful to provide art therapy to the public without the denotation of Licensed Clinical Professional Art Therapist (LCPAT) by the state licensing board.

The scope of practice for art therapy outlined in Title 17 of the Health Occupations 

If you have questions about someone’s representation of herself or himself as an art therapist, as providing art therapy services, as having an art therapy degree, certification, credentials, or license, please first try to ascertain whether or not the person actually has the credentials claimed by verifying their credentials.

If you believe, after a reasonable inquiry, that this person is deliberately misrepresenting herself or himself, there is an official avenue of redress to follow. Due to state licensure of art therapy in Maryland, all complaints should be directed to the State of Maryland.

To file a complaint with the State of Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists


Please contact the Maryland Art Therapy Association with any further questions.