Maryland Art Therapy Association


The Maryland Art Therapy Association cannot endorse or recommend an individual art therapist or group practice with whom to contract with for services. The list provided below contains the names and information of our active Chapter members who are in private practice. As with any health and treatment related professional, it is advised that you find the practitioner who best fits your needs.

Please note that there are other art therapists in private practice in the state of Maryland who may not appear on this list because they are not members of our Chapter. You may find these individuals when using search engines or profile listings such as Psychology Today.  Please be advised that Psychology Today does not verify if a clinician has art therapy training, but only if they have a state license. Some listings may erroneously advertise the use of Art Therapy without disclosure of adequate training or credentials. If you are unsure of a practitioner’s  ability to ethically practice art therapy, please view our About Art Therapy section to be familiar with the education and credential/ licensing standards.